From our conception throughout, we have been striving to improve lives of others, as well as ourselves.
Mammon    Quality SAFETY FIRST

Certification guaranteed

Mammon’s products and services are our pride, so we strive to surpass all expectations. Continually improving every aspect, so that we can response to all needs, especially focusing on regulatory requirements. In Taiwan, our motto is, “safety first”.

Mammon’s quality management system ensures that our sites meet the requirements of ISO 13485. Our products are CE-marked, and certified in accordance with recognized medical device standards.123456

Our quality certifications:
  • ISO 13485 Certification
  • EC Declaration of Conformity
  • FDA Registration and Listing
  • Certificate of Registration
Mammon    History SINCE 1982

Gerry Liang and Carol Chueh were a young married couple both of whom had been working for trading companies for 5 years while living in Taipei, when they saw a tremendous business opportunity in developing EVA foam business.

With the ‘Taiwan Economic Miracle’ at its peak, they decided this was the perfect time to establish Mammon International Corporation. The name Mammon comes from a similarity in Chinese for the god of fortune (Taiwanese are a very superstitious nationality).

The EVA flip flop (thong in Australian) and life board (for life guard rescue [think Bay Watch]) were the first products under the Mammon name. From there, orders slowly started building up. By the end of the first year of business, although they had just broken even, they could see a bright future ahead of them.

When we started.

In the second year of business orders were steadily flowing in, so from the fledgling company producing EVA products, a chance to branch out arose.

One of the clients was so pleased with Mammon’s professional attitude, they inquired as to the possibility of producing stitched products, in a variety of materials.

This led to the opening of our present office, albeit on a much smaller scale than it is today.


New focus requires new logo. Mammon’s original logo had served it’s purpose. Now Mammon needed a new design which better represented the direction the company was headed.

As Mammon was now dedicating itself to medical supports, it was time to incorporate something more suitable in the logo.


In the second year of business orders were steadily flowing in, so from the fledgling company producing EVA products, a chance to branch out arose.


Exhibiting Mammon products to the world Gerry Liang began showcasing Mammon’s products in orthopedic exhibitions all over the world.


With the business’ continual growth, Mammon now was able to open a new factory in Vietnam.

This coincided with Gerry Liang’s younger brother joining Mammon after a very successful career as a top executive for the world’s leading brand of sports shoes, and took charge of the Vietnam factory introducing a modern manufacturing style which elevated Mammon to new heights.


The Mammon family profilerates with more Liangs joining the now flourishing international company. This is also the year that Mammon expanded its factory and operations in China.


The year of the walker boot. This product really took off for Mammon, in such a way that they built a factory in Vietnam, solely for it’s manufacture.

The new factory enabled Mammon to increase its copacity to 18,000 boots per month.


With the third generation of Liang’s family comes


With the third generation of Liang’s family comes. Mammon’s new slogan, ‘Manufacturing Miracles’, is what the company has always been doing and intends to be doing for the bright future it envisions.